Graphic Style Subtitles

Hello, Last year I posted this question on the emby forums.
Thought I would ask here.

Hello, I have a few Star Trek movies, and episodes that have a text commentary option that I’ve included when I ripped them to mkv files.

The problem is emby doesn’t seem to support the subtitle, nor does vlc (at least not on my two linux boxes) Although when I use the default Gnome video player it shows fine.

(a screen shot of the text commentary)

As you see through the thread, based on the properties of vlc Properties of the codec in VLC show it’s a DVD Subtitle (SPU) and Emby just shows it as DVDSub.

A year later I was setting up a new fedora machine, and discovered that the subtitles where working fine, again with the gnome player, but I didn’t have the ffmpeg codecs installed, I was using the gstreamer plugins.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to have jellyfin support the gstreamer plugins along with the ffmpeg codecs, or am I just asking for too much? lol