H265 Directplay

Can anyone get this server windows to directplay h265 videos plex and emby will but jellfin wont im playing on firetvstick 4k set to maximum streaming and also n windows chromw and it keeps on transcoding to h264 all the time

I have a Fire Stick Lite (2020) but had the same problem. On the user settings in the Server Dashboard, I turned off “Allow video playback that requires transcoding”. In the Jellyfin app settings, I specified to use ExoPlayer and I turned off the option to allow resolution switching (someone previously suggested that this option was causing a lot of unnecessary transcoding).

I turned off audio transcoding in the user settings as well. I get pretty much everything to Direct Play on my Firestick Lite and the audio passes through to my receiver. It really is working great for me. Of course, once you throw in the complications of 4K video streams if you have them, you might have a different experience since I only have 1080p to worry about.