Help with Ngix setup?

Hey guys, so I have never used ngix before, when I last had my sever open to the net I used a domain name I bought with Cloudflare running for extra security.

I am now looking at using ngix with DuckDNS and Let’s Encrypt for the cert, was looking at using this docker image as I’m running JF in a docker (managed through portainer):

Basically whats the best way to set this up as I have little knowledge with Ngix and wth me opening up the server to the net I wanna make sure it is right, any ideas?

I’m not sure it will help when trying to containerize it, but first step should probably be looking at our nginx docs for an example config. Though if you want to use everything fully containerized you may want to consider something like Caddy or Traefik that’s designed more for containers.

Cheers mate, I’ll have a look at some stage :slight_smile:

If your looking for something like a reverse proxy you can look at nginx proxy manager has a web GUI and dockerised

What are you running the docker containers on?