Home Automation integration features in Jellyfin?

I’m looking for an Emby alternative and need something that can easily integrate with Homeseer. I dont want to use cloud services, too much lag and failures.

Basically I need 3 things…

  1. Send on-screen messages to all running clients. like… “Turn off the TV, its dinner time”
  2. Control the clients. like… stopping playback *when kids ignore the on screen message :wink:
  3. Send POST commands to Homeseer based on specific content being played/pause/etc. I do not want to send a command to turn off lights in my home theater if I’m playing Music or TV Shows, just a Movie. And similar things.

Emby’s Webhooks does not provide actionable items/info for people with real home automation.
I had all this in Kodi and may have to go back to it… was just trying to stick to a single front-end / Back-end system.

thx for the help!

There isn’t anything that extensive at the moment, sadly. It would be at much the same point as Emby’s, minus the webhooks (we split before that was implemented). That said, you can integrate Jellyfin as the backend for Kodi - we have a few plugins that allow you to do that.