How do I create a new profile for my tv?


I’m new to this software and trying to get the software to not transcode at all, but im not sure how to set up the dlna xml file so that it a matches my tv and b does what i want it to.

how do I make a file that matches my tv, what should it be named?
how do i enable hevc hdr?
how do i enable all types of subtitles without transcoding?

is there a guide on how to write the dlna xml file and its parameters somewhere?

thanks for all and any help.


A lot of these options will probably need some form of FFmpeg and extraction to work…

What model TV are you using?


I’m using several different ones.

I’ve gotten some understanding of how the XML file work but I’m still looking for a guide of how to and an explanation of all it’s available parameters.

I’m a long time Kodi user and it works as a dlna server without transcoding but it has alot of other features that I don’t need so I’m hoping to be able to configure jellyfin to be a dlna server without transcoding.


We actually don’t have any guide on how it works at all to be honest. I’d figure there’s some kind of reference or similar that could be used, but I haven’t looked into it.

A good rule of thumb so far is if you find instructions that apply to Emby, you can do the same with Jellyfin.