How do I get EAC3 From Windows Server To Fire TV Client?

My first day playing with JellyFin. Very positive experience so far.

I installed the Jellyfin for Fire TV app on my 2020 FireTV Stick Lite, which is connected to my new AV receiver (supports, DTS, AC3, EAC3, etc).

Have app configured to Direct audio with DTS bitstreaming enabled. So I can play videos with AC3 and DTS and have it passthrough to the receiver just fine. The Fire Stick settings are set to allow passthrough of EAC3 as well. However, when I play a video with EAC3, the windows Jellyfin server is converting the EAC3 to to AC3 before sending it to the Fire Stick. I know that EAC3/DD+ passthrough works on the fire stick because I use it in other apps on the FireStick.

I don’t see any other settings for this on the Fire TV app that seem relevant. The only thing that I found that helped was to modify the user settings on the server by disabling the “Allow audio playback that requires transcoding” setting for the user (me). This worked. EAC3 made it to the FireStick and then passed through to the AV receiver.

I’m concerned though because this setting is for the user, no matter what device the user is using. I have 3 other Android devices (phone, tablet and cheapo TV box) and they’re probably not going to react well to receiving these formats since they don’t support them natively.

So is there another less “sledge hammery” way of getting EAC3 to my firestick that I’m just not seeing?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m very hopeful that Jellyfin will finally be my exit ramp off the broken highway that is plex.

I did some further investigation and disabling the “Allow audio playback that requires transcoding” option does indeed mess up my other 3 Android devices big-time - no sound output.

When playing on the FireStick (connected to AV receiver), a lot of the videos are HEVC Main 10 video with EAC3 audio. The server is transcoding them – according to dashboard, the video codec is not supported (which is probably true) but nothing is said about the audio codec not being supported. Yet the EAC3 is being converted to AC3 and the degradation in the sound quality is noticeable.

I am at a loss here. I know the Fire TV stick can passthrough EAC3 but there doesn’t seem to be any way to get the Fire TV Jellyfin App to tell that to the server. It almost seems like there should be a Jellyfin app setting like “Bitstream EAC3 Audio” like there is for DTS.

Again, newbie here. If I am missing something obvious here, would really appreciate it if someone could clue me in. This is the only issue that I’ve discovered that is holding me back from getting rid of Plex and switching to Jellyfin.

Ok, the only idea I have to get this working is to have one user (say “FireStick”) and another named “Me”. The FireStick connected to the receiver would use “FireStick” and my other 3 Android devices would use “Me”. The “Allow audio playback that requires transcoding” user option would be enabled for Me and disabled for “FireStick”. I think this would allow all Android devices to function and EAC3 will get to the firestick and pass through to the receiver.

The obvious downside is that I loose the shared automatic episode watched tracking between devices. I think it technically will work but this just doesn’t sound anything remotely like how you intended users to use Jellyfin.

Not really ready to accept that approach yet. So, absent any suggestions about what I might be doing wrong, I guess I will have to stick with Plex for a bit longer while Jellyfin matures.

But seriously, consider the “Bitstream EAC3 Audio” option on the FireTV/AndroidTV app that I thought might help.

In the end, I had a design idea that I made a separate suggestion for. Basically, it seems to be me that certain settings for the user would work better if they were instead settings for each connected device. So I have continued my thoughts here: