How much effect does the "H264/H265 encoding preset" setting have on audio only streaming?

I’m trying to figure out how much effect this setting has on various things like my server load, internet upload speed, mobile phone signal and the relation between all those, when streaming audio only files (aka music) when on the road.

The reason I ask is because I’ve been running Jellyfin for 2 days, fresh install, to manage and stream my music to my mobile phone using the Android app.

When I’m at home there is no problem with the stream, since my phone is connected to Wi-Fi it has a pretty solid connection with the server.
But when I’m on the road a lot of tracks get sliced (so to speak). The music starts, but after 45-90 seconds stops for some random amount of time (5-180 seconds) and resumes. But stops again after some time.

I think it may be related to my modem’s upstream speed, 6-9Mbps, but can’t be sure.

If changing the “encoding preset” setting makes a difference in the amount of data send across the internet, it might help me pinpoint the problem of getting interrupted audio streams.

Most audio files won’t have a bitrate of greater than 320Kbps (unless you’re doing lossless FLAC at a ridiculous bitrate?), so that shouldn’t be a problem.

h264 and h265 are video CODECs, so changing their settings won’t have any effect on audio files.

Things that you might want to look at are;

  • Limit your streaming speed to 2Mbps per stream (change the settings in the Jellyfin dashboard), and

  • Check to see how well your audio streams when you’re connected to someone else’s WiFi - I suspect that the problem might lay in the way your mobile network provider handles connections.

When I read your comment on limiting the streaming speed per stream, I went into the dashboard to check on the setting only to realise that I had misread the units it was set in. I had it set to 128Mbps. But I thought it said 128kbps. There is no way Jellyfin could pump a 128Mbps stream through a 8Mbps upstream pipeline. This is a rookie mistake I should have caught earlier.

It’s now set to 4Mbps and I will lower it even further if I notice any problems with the stream.

Further more I will switch ISP’s in 3 months and the new ISP will have a 25Mbps upstream so that will help too.

Thanks for the feedback.