How to name TV Show episode art

(Prelude: I don’t use scrapers and provide my own artwork and metadata. I’m like that :wink: )

So I have my TV Shows organized as follows:

TV Shows/
		Season 01/
			SomeShow - S01E01 - SomeEpisode-thumb.jpg
			SomeShow - S01E01 - SomeEpisode.mkv

If I don’t use the thumb artwork, Jellyfin makes up its own artwork based on the existing fanart or poster files (I think) for display on the Season’s and Episode’s info page, in a non-standard width-height format. I don’t really want to have an episode-specific thumb for each episode file, but that’s the only way to have Jellyfin avoid doing the above.

If I just want to have the same 16:9 image for every episode, what would be the naming-format to use? And can I use than just one image file that’s going to be used for every episode?

I hope my description is clear :wink:


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