I can't connect to the server

Hi guys
I installed the addon on kodi but when I tried to connect to the server I couldn’t find an address that would work.
I already had the same problem on the smartphone and I had to give up.
I tried this which is my main address: IPv4 192.168.0. …
I found others on the Jellyfin website (https://jellyfin.org/docs/general/clients/kodi.html) but I also couldn’t get it to work.
I appreciate your help
Many Thanks

Are you able to browse to your server in the web interface?

I forgot to mention that the kodi is in the android box.
I am trying to install jellyfin on that kodi that is in the box.

Jellyfin isn’t just an app you install to android or kodi. You need a server set up to connect to. You’re using a client app. Have you set up a server yet?

do not.
I entered my IP (IPv4: http: // 192.168.0 …) but it gave an error.

it is very complicated, especially finding the server. I tried it on my smartphone and I couldn’t do it either. I had to give up. I think I’ll have to give up on kodi too.

If you havent set up a server already then you need to start there.

The app on the phone and kodi just connects to a server.

Thank you, i will try.
Best Regards