I can't figure out how to use my M3U Tuner TV with Jellyfin


Some time ago, I discovered this addon for Kodi : https://catch-up-tv-and-more.github.io/live_tv_installation/

This addon provides an M3U tuner TV and a link for an updated XML TV guide. It also gives the instruction to add them to Kodi. In Kodi, it works perfectly. I can receive the TV and I have the guide and everything works.

I’m looking to achieve the same thing in Jellyfin. I copied the M3U on my server, set an M3U tuner in Jellyfin :

And I’ve also added the XML guide :

But it looks like the M3U tuner doesn’t work. I have the TV guide updating and working :

But when I try to play something, it loads indefinitely. Did I misconfigure something in the Tuner ? What makes it work in Kodi and not in Jellyfin ? Could someone help me ?

Any answer is welcome. Have a great day.