Image processing in Jellyfin vs Emby

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I am already an Emby user on a really old hardware experiencing delays when viewing images. I am eager to try out jellyfin however would like to understand if you feel that it will help me out with my issue.

Original posting in Emby is here

Let me know if you have any thoughts.

I’d say being a photo viewer is probably pretty low on the list of priorities for the server team just now and as such I’m not sure there will be much improvement in the performance of it from when the fork from Emby happened.

Best I could say is for you to try it and see

Hello TrueTechy,

Thank you for the response. To be honest, I was about to try it out, however on Ubuntu it seems to require to remove Emby before deploying Jellyfin (at least that was what apt-get install required). That was the reason i turned to seek some advice based on the community feeling prior scratching my setup.

By the way, given that my needs and use cases are mainly around being able to store & view family pictures & videos, let me know if you have any other suggestions which may probably make more sense for me.

Hi there,

Yes as both emby and jellyfin currently use the same ports it might give an error when trying to use both. If you’re using docker you could run jellyfin on docker.

Apologies for the less than helpful response before, I have since spoken to some others in the community who have anecdotal evidence that jellyfin is faster when viewing images than emby was and I’m sure will only get faster as development continues.

If you’re just viewing the videos and photos on the same computer as they’re stored and it’s a desktop machine then using whatever file explorer you have would probably work well. For remote access you could use a samba share on your local network though that wouldn’t be useful outside of the network. Other than that I’m not sure of other software applications to suit your purpose but I’d imagine a Google might give some ideas