Install Issue, "Preferred display language:"

Been trying to install jellyfin-nightly_20191004_windows-x64 (On Windows 10 1903) using all three methods, executable install, zip and bat install and zip and manual install and in all three attempts the browser setup stops at “Preferred display language:” with no options being available to select a language and clicking “Next” goes back to this screen.

Frustrating and I’m sure I’m making a novice user mistake but helping hands would be most appreciated.


Well, you’re in luck. 10.4 proper is out now, so you can give that a shot.

Did you get the same result if you closed the browser and opened it again?

Yes, same behaviour with each of the October Nightly releases and the just released stable 10.4.0 the set up stops at the first screen.

However if I delete the 10.4 version and reinstall 10.3.7 that works fine.

Batch file to start jellyfin is as follows:
“C:\Program Files\Jellyfin\System\jellyfin.exe” -d “C:\ProgramData\Jellyfin\Server”

Firewall notice received and setup

Also started as administrator and normal user


I had the same issue using edge but it works fine in chrome - making give that a try?

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Thanks; tried the Edge/Chromium beta and Jellyfin works fine 10.4 up and running

Because 10.3.7 worked fine with W10 Edge I assumed 10.4 would and that it was my configuration

Righteo now looking forward to the new 10.4, looks good so far