Iphone Web Browser Direct Stream issue live TV (Custom stream)

Hi Guys,

Hoping someone can help - Just moved across from emby as the device limit was a problem. I created a custom stream using obs and have successfully added this to jellyfin through the m3u tuner - the stream works fine on most devices but does not work on the iPhone web browser (chrome or safari). If I leave it open long enough jellyfin reports that its direct streaming (with a container change to ts) but the device does not play the content and displays an arrow with a cross through it. I can see a ts file being created in the transcode folder and this is also reported in the the log (the log looks pretty much the same as one created when an android stream plays other than the container being ts instead of mkv).

So far, I have tried copying the jellyfin-ffmpeg files instead of those installed automatically but this has made no difference.

Have had a look in the log and it states transcode due to “ContainerBitrateExceedsLimit” I also noticed it states this in the emby log - but in emby it just plays it anyway as a direct stream. (I have disabled transcoding for the user and just allowed “conversion without re-encoding”). I enabled transcoding to see if that helped and on the dashboard it states its transcoding instead of direct stream but still doesn’t play.

Will upload a log but other than the ip and api key is there any other sensitive data I need to remove from the log first?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


UPDATE I have just tried 1.3.7 and this works fine, my iphone is able to direct stream the contect without issue.