Issue with Jellyfin and Kodi (Direct Playback) path resolution


I configured my Kodi instance (openElec on a MINIX NEO U9-H) to access my Jellyfin server via Native Playback. Kodi is able to access the SMB shares of my TrueNAS system where my media files are stored and the Jellyfin Plugin is syncing the libraries from Jellyfin to Kodi.

Currently I have setup two libraries: “Movies” and “TV Shows”. The remote path parameter for the libraries to be used for Native Playback is also configured:



\\nas\media\TV Shows

Kodi is playing the movies from the “Movies” library perfectly fine, but when I try to play an episode from the “TV Shows” library Kodi, it complains that the file is no longer present and asks me if I want to remove it from the library.

The Jellyfin WebUI is playing the file with no problems.

The only issue I suspect, could be the space character in the “TV Shows” path. As I also had issues caused by the different charsets of the file systems and network protocols causing files not be found. Mainly because of the “Auto Organize” plugin not caring about charsets, when moving files.

My Jellyfin server version is 10.7.0 running on a Ubuntu server. And openElec version 9.2.6 is used.

As I’m using the standard Plex file organizing structure, which is widely used, I did not expect to face such issues.

Can someone please help me to investigate further what is causing this issue?


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