Jellifin on ATV4


Hello, i’m really new with this jellyfin.
Till now i’ve used plex and emby.
I’ve tried jellybin on my pc, but i’d like to understand how could i use jellyfin installing on my ubuntu server and watching it on my atv4.
Is there an app for it on ATV4?


Hey there!
There’s no app we have yet for tvOS. You can use VLC or Infuse as a DLNA player though. That should let you access your library.


Ok, thank you for your answer.
Have you got a plan in the future to make an app?


We definitely do! It will take some time still, as we need to make sure the main server is strong and working well first.


Well, i’m happy.
If i can give a suggestion i can tell you it should be absolutely necessary to have also the player with the app and not use atv one because that default player is only compatible with only very few containers. This will make many many transcodings.
At the moment both plex and emby app have got their own players that are working very well.
I know it will take much time.
Goob work.


Using custom players may mess with HDR playback though (I know it does on Android TV). And since the ATV supports both h264 and HEVC I think it should be fine, at most it will remux the container.