Jellyfin 10.5.0 AndroidTV (FireTV) No User's Listed

I am running Jellyfin 10.5.0 in a docker container behind a reverse proxy with udp 1900 accessible on the host as well (I also had this issue with host networking too). When I go to start the FireTV app, I am first prompted to manually enter a server. When I enter my server, no users are listed as available. If I manually enter the username and password, I am able to login. But when I exit the app and reopen it, I need to login again by manually entering in the username and password there is no “user” card.

I can select the auto-login feature, but then if I want to switch to a different server I’ll have to manually login again.

I am new to jellyfin, so I apologize if this is normal functionality. However, It doesn’t seem like it is normal since there is an option to “Select User” but its just empty for me. Any ideas what might be going on?

By default when a user is created they’re hidden from the login screens, prompting this behaviour where you have to type the username in manually. If you go into the server dashboard, into the users section and select the user you want to appear in the list, at the bottom of the page there is an option to hide the user. You’ll want to untick that. Then you can do this for all users you want to appear in the list