Jellyfin for LG WebOS


Hello to all

To begin, congratulations on your project.

Can you tell me if you have the project to wear Jellyfin on the LG WebOs tv (minimum 3 or 4)?

This brand is already wearing Plex via its Plex application and Xplay and Emby via their Emby application and Screenplay.

I’m sure a lot of Plex and Emby users could switch to Jellyfin when everything is in place.

I myself look forward to a stable WebOs version to migrate permanently to Jellyfin


Yes, we have the plans, but there was not much done so far.
You can track the progress (when it happens :slight_smile: ) here -


A big thank you for your reply


I was going to ask the same thing. This is the only thing holding me back from using Jellyfin 100% locally.


Good news for all of you - we’re moving forward, slowly:

I have also signed up for an account as an LG Developer, ready to submit when we have something.

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Great, if I can help and if I’m told how, I’m available