Jellyfin for WD NAS My Cloud

Dear Dev team,
First I must share my appreciation for this beautiful projects! I’ll add another post on Support which will explain how I managed to make Jellyfin work on WD NAS.

I hope my feedback will be helpful so just to explain, why Jellyfin?
Use case:
One of my NASs is WD PR2100 which is quite good hardware. I’m using it for video streaming and would like to keep it Standby mode as much as possible (for many reasons). and yes, although it’s a NAS, I do not want it working 24/7. instead I’m using WoL when I need it (over IPSec when remotely used)

Main issues

  1. Hardware: Plex won’t let the NAS go into standby mode for longer period than 20 minutes which is not so healthy for HDD as they it will wear my NAS HDD quicker than expected. since NAS HDD built to work 24x7 (or turned off of course) rather than wake up every 20 minutes.
  2. Privacy: Plex work on the background, writing into logs and I spotted some communications when I ran tcpdump. even though I tried to turn off all the logging/debugging.

I have tremendous respect to opensource programs and for a long time I was looking for an alternative when I have more control over the apps installed on my systems.

I managed to run Jellyfin as a container and watched 1 film so far without any issues! it works smoothly, no ads and no registration to an external database, no restrictions - GREAT!
I didn’t test yet the standby mode, but I think it’s not going to work since Jellyfin runs in a container
Is there a solution for this so the device can go to sleep when this container is running?

I’m aware that there are so many platforms and you might have some limited resources. I just hope that you will consider to release a bin file for WD NAS. Lot of people complaining about Plex on WD community.

I’m also aware that you’re working on a Tizen client which is great. is there a beta version that I can try?
the moment this client will be released I’m going to say Plex goodbye for good



let me add my name to the pot. I really like Jellyfin and am reading the documentation to Docker for NAS support, but as a non programmer it is slow going.

I, too, would like to see a bin file for a WD PR2100.