Jellyfin GPU transcoding within Docker


Does anyone have any information about how to use your host’s GPU (without taking it away from the host) so that Jellyfin can access it for hardware transcoding? I know this is more of a Docker question, but there isn’t much clear information out there, and I thought someone here would have already done it.

The host is Ubuntu 18.04.2, Jellyfin is running in Docker, and the video card is a Quatro P2000. The host already has the P2000 drivers installed and verified working … I’d just like the Docker for Jellyfin to be able to utilize it without reserving it just for the Docker image.


Not sure if this helps but there are some detailed instructions for the unraid Nvidia plugin and docker. Jellyfin/Emby should be the same instructions wise.

Maybe some of the instructions are similar to help you on the way?


Thanks … I decided that splitting the card between two loaded sets of graphics drivers was probably not the best idea for stability, and moved my installation to the Ubuntu PPA.

If I could make a suggestion to the devs for a nice improvement, an export of the config and metadata that allows import later would be amazing. I moved/chown’d/set permissions on everything, and I had a bunch of broken functionality after moving. In the end, I had to set the server up from scratch again and send everyone password resets.