Jellyfin Hardware Acceleration Not Working (Windows 10 | Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB RAM)

Hello, I have installed JellyFin on a Windows 10 Server which is equipped with GTX 1060 3GB.

I have also enabled the Hardware Acceleration from the Admin Panel for the JellyFin but it’s not working at all.

Playback is still using CPU for the Transcoding.

Here is the screenshot of the Settings:

Please help me with this.


I think you posted in our chat earlier (sorry that the post here wasn’t approved, you tripped the spam filter by accident).

We determined that the video is fine, and doesn’t need to be transcoded, which is why the GPU wasn’t being used. The audio, however, needed to be transcoded from Dolby AC-3 to something the client/browser would support. That uses CPU, which is why you saw the usage spike. Fortunately this is typically a very fast process, so it should take too long.

As another chat commenter wrote, you could also prepare a version of the video that doesn’t use AC-3, that would also avoid this repackage process.

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Thank you for the reply. I appreciate your reply. I need more help if you could do me?

  1. I have iPhone. I have Chromecast Connected to the TV. iPhone Jellyfin OS App is not able to cast the file on the Chromecast. Am I right?

If right/yes? How am I suppose to cast Jellyfin content on Chromecast when device is iPhone?

Free Solution Preferred.


As long as you are on the same network as your Jellyfin server, you can use VLC to cast for free.

Anything else would be a paid solution, or waiting for future updates to the iOS app.

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DLNA for Jellyfin is now showing up in the VLC App of iOS.

Problem is that, I want to have some sort of stuff that not everyone can see everything on the Jellyfin and they can only see what they have in their own user-account library.

How to do it on VLC App of IOS?


You can’t unfortunately. That’s the problem. You can choose which user account to attach it to, but whichever account that is, everyone on the home network/wifi will see it.

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Thanks. What is the ETA on when is Jellyfin Chromecast Support coming for the iOS Devices?

No timeline, because it’s mainly written by one developer, and Chromecast isn’t easy to build in to the library.

I once wrote a little story: