Jellyfin in container saves metadata with special characters in folder name - exFAT backup problem


as it seems, Jellyfin stores metadata (music/mp3) in folders with names using special characters from id3 tags like “:”, “#”… (I need those for classical music albums.
Now I would like to make a backup of the data and I am using exFAT formatted drives due to required easy interoperability between Linux, Mac, Windows.

Is there any setting, in which the folder naming can be done in a compatible way? I would like to keep exFAT, I know that using ext4 might help, so I am looking for other solutions (if there are any).

Thanks, regards,


Have you tried using an archiving utility to compress the entire tree for backup, thereby isolating the filenames from the file system (and simultaneously reducing the storage space required)?

Hi @Cognicom,
thanks - didnt think about this. I have a something similar to time machine running. So it wouldnt work directly. I can create a cronjob, which compresses the Container data, moves it and then I can exclude the original folder from backups.
Will try this out, though I’d prefer to use normal ways of saving. I mean, Jellyfin is also running on the other operating systems… Why having two different storage mechanisms? Anyway - for sure there is a reason :-).
Will try your idea.

Too true. Ideally, Jellyfin would “munge” the special characters like most MP3 tagging software does - replace them with “-” or “_” prior to saving. Hopefully one of the developers will take this onboard and put it into a coming update; it shouldn’t be too difficult to squeeze in a simple regexp string replacement.

Is this a feature request? I guess so. Will try to file one later…