Jellyfin kodi addon

My jellyfin server (Intel NUC) is portable. My routers use DHCP and often the server is not found till manually updating ip addresses in jellyfin for kodi plugin.

Will the addon ever detect my server?

You’d have to go through the initial setup each time to get the addon to detect the server, otherwise it will always look for the same IP it had the last time. If your networks use a common subnet then you could try setting a static IP for the NUC otherwise you would need to change the IP each time you change network

I was thinking static ip’s would work. I will give it a try.

You could try connecting via the hostname. I’m not sure if that would work though.

Setup a DDNS with use that as the server you connect to it will always connect to home.

I found my router can give a static ip to the jellyfin sever. Now my clients always know where to find the sever.

I’ve done it the other way. Jellyfin server might get a new IP, but the clients connect using a hostname. Makes it easier for people using the web interface; now they just type jellyfin.myhome.

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