Jellyfin Offline / Local Playback


I was searching for Free Media Center Software & Come across to the Jellyfin and I liked it
But I have a question that I have external HDD with my movies collection

1.if I connect it to my Android Box and install Jellyfin app on it can I access it directly or do I have to create the Server?
2. If I setup my server & connect it to my android box can I play it directly on my TV without internet connection?

If not please add offline playback as no one in the market offers offline playback (or at least I haven’t come across yet… if you know let me know)

You’ll need to create a server somewhere on your network in order for any of the Jellyfin apps (Android, iOS, web browser) to have something to connect to.

Jellyfin can indeed function perfectly well without an internet connection - that’s the reason most of us have found our way to this software, because we didn’t want companies like Plex to have control over our data (or even to know what media we have).

The only need for an internet connection as far as Jellyfin is concerned, is to gather metadata and artwork during the file scan - once this is done, you can completely disconnect from the internet and it’ll work happily ever more (though you’ll want to connect to the 'net again if you add more files and want to get the metadata and artwork for them).

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Wooo Thats what i’m looking from last couple of months

Yes I do understand that I would have some internet connectivity to download / Synsc Meta Data which is fine and good. After it is done Can I play files from my server offline on my tv? the server will be connected to TV? I want to use PI 4 as File Server

Yes, there are quite a few people using Pi 3s and 4s as their Jellyfin servers. The server is connected to your storage device (either a local USB drive or a NAS on the network), and it feeds media to any number of clients also connected to your network (the Jellyfin TV app on your Android TV box, a web browser on your computer, etc., etc.).