Jellyfin server unavailable on Nvidia 2019 pro

I downloaded jellyfin from the google store and everytime i tried to set it up enter server address message comes back server not available i put in the IP address what could be the problem.

To be sure, you have a Jellyfin server running on your computer?
If it’s on a Windows computer, make sure the firewall isn’t blocking it.

I’m currently using the Nvidia Shield TV Gen 2 16gb with the Android version, NOT THE ANDROID TV VERSION plus with windows 10 pro as the server.
Everything is working fine i have disabled the firewalls and that’s about it.
You will need to check that your server is working correctly using a web page to access it from any where inside your
The only thing you will need to do is change a setting in the jellyfin client on the nvidia shield if you have problems with the audio, other than that it should work.