Jellyfin via EmbyCon


I use Emby with EmbyCon and Embuary skin on Kodi. This works flawlessly and is very easy for my wife to use :slight_smile:

I use Jellyfin to scan a library of STRM files each containing an HTTP link to an MP4 file.

I have recently moved from Emby to Jellyfin, and it used to work great, no issues at all. That is until recently. The issue now is that it still gets the information from Jellyfin, but when I try to play it, Jellyfin says that playback started and ended and it never plays on Kodi.

Is any one experiencing this issue? Is there a way to fix or where to look at the logs to see what is going on. I am running Jellyfin on Odroid N2.

Thank you in advance.

There’s been issues using software developed for emby with jellyfin as there’s been intentional work done to break compatability, this might be what’s happened here though I’m not sure the embycons developers position on the fork

The thing is, if I put MP4s directly within the library on JellyFin, EmbyCon works fine. It seems that it is not working with STRM files. I noticed that for some reason, when using Emby, this happened to me once, but it fixed itself by re-running a library scan so I am guessing it was just a coincidence.

As far as I know, Emby has made a lot of changes to the STRM API after Emby 4.0, so compatibility is unlikely.