Jellyfin won't start when using ngrok

I’m using Jellyfin server 10.5.5 on Windows 10, and I’m using Ngrok ( to tunnel into my server as I don’t have access to open my Ports. I am able to get everything set up, and I enter the http Tunnel URL into the Base URL and save it. When testing it initially using my phone on data it works just fine and I can access the server just fine. But upon shutting the server down and starting it again, it refuses to start even after restarting the computer. The only way I can bring it up again is to uninstall and reinstall Jellyfin.

When I was testing this on Emby it worked without any problems even after restarting so it seems to be something with Jellyfin, although I’m not sure why it will work initially but then stop working after stopping and starting the server again.

Any thoughts?

Here is a copy of my log:

That’s the problem. That’s not what that field is for. It’s only for a folder, like “jellyfin/” or “video/”, so your URL could be “” or “”. It’s failing because with what you’ve put it, it’s trying to make the url “http://x.x.x.x:8096/”, which doesn’t exist.

I just set up Caddy as a reverse proxy for testing and I didn’t need to set up anything in the Base URL. I just go to “” and I get my sign in page.

Maybe you could show me what field you’re using on Emby to configure this? Also, if your Jellyfin install gets stuck like this again, there’s a system.xml file where you can fix the configuration. It should be in C:\ProgramData\Jellyfin\Server\config.

That makes a lot more sense, that’s good to know I figured I was doing something wrong but could not for the life of me figure it out.

Using that knowledge I was able to figure it out. I ended up doing a TCP tunnel instead on 8096, then I changed the public port to the one ngrok gave me, then using the IP from Ngrok as well as the port loaded it up perfectly even after shutting down and starting again.

In Emby I was putting the URL in the “External Wan address” then when I went to the Android app I would manually add the server using the URL without the port number. Based on what I did above I’m wondering if I was doing it wrong but Emby was still somehow able to bring it up another way that Jellyfin couldn’t.

Oh my gosh, THANK YOU! I was trying to find that last night so I didn’t have to start over every time, but I couldn’t find where it was. That will save so much time if I ever have an issue like this again

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Thanks for reporting back! Yes, we’re making “External WAN Address” easier to access in future, but you’ve got it done according to your description. Glad it worked!

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