Kodi Addon broken?

I just did a clean install of jellyfin and installed the kodi addon for kodi via official repo. The issue is that all the server fields are greyed out and not selectable. I cannot add a server. If I try to edit .xml settings file it breaks completely where all ui elements are missing.

I recall similar issue a year ago and same again now, what is going on here? I cant believe it is still broken a year later…

The Kodi addon launches an install wizard when it’s first installed, and on every subsequent restart if it hasn’t been configured yet. If you’re not getting the wizard appearing, it means there’s something in your system preventing it from running. Are there any errors in your Kodi logs?

Thanks for the reply. I do get the wizard but no auto detect and if I hit Manual I get a kind a broken UI with 1 selectable field with label “User” to the left. If I treat it as host and enter “” it will get accepted but if I then go to add-on config all the server fields are empty and greyed out.

This is on the Fedora 33 with latest Kodi.

Does that give any clues? Anything to try? If not I will try again and get the logs later.

Go to Addons -> Video Addons -> Jellyfin -> Reset database, and when it asks if you want to reset all settings say yes. That will ensure a fresh start.

When you say latest Kodi, do you mean latest v18, or are you on the 19 beta?

I already did the reset, empty library now.

Kodi 19.0-0.8 which is unfortunately default for Fedora 33, I would have preferred more stable version. Can try on Ubuntu Live image to test if beta version likely to cause an issue.

Hmm. Kodi 19 is still beta at best, so for them to consider it stable enough to be the default in the repo is definitely an odd decision. I believe the current release of our addon has some issue in Kodi 19 since it’s still a moving target and things break from under us fairly regularly. You may want to try the current master branch, I believe it has some unreleased fixes that may help v19.

This is the most recent merged PR we’ve had. You’ll want to download the -py3 zip and install that for Kodi 19. https://dev.azure.com/jellyfin-project/jellyfin/_build/results?buildId=22098&view=artifacts&pathAsName=false&type=publishedArtifacts

I got past the wizard even on the current repo addon. Hitting right arrow closed the wizard before by accident. Still cannot edit fields in config and it gets reset on kodi restart it seems. All labels are still “user” for both current and provided addon. The scanning also gets stuck. Old addon scanned 16 movies new one got stuck on the 1st it seems. It shows scanning but no progress.

The server/user config isn’t meant to be edited manually. There were issues where users would edit the config manually and break their installs, given how the database sync works and how it can only ever support one server at a time all server setup has to happen through the wizard.

What Jellyfin version are you running?

I tried the one in the official repo and the one you provided with no change. I did reinstall so the edited settings file is gone now. I only tried that as a last resort in any case.

In that case it sounds like Kodi 19 may have broken us again. I think this is number 4 or 5 after we got it working initially. It’s just going to take time until one of us gets a kodi 19 install working again and has time to work on it. Unfortunately, in the meantime the only recommendation I can give you right now is to try to get Kodi 18 instead, but I’m not sure how much work that will be.

I installed Kodi 19 (19-RC1) and the latest addon version (0.6.5+py3). Whilst it did give the odd “User” label in the server add dialog, after inputting my server address, selecting my user and logging it the wizard proceeded as normal and I was able to sync and playback content. I double checked and the file was written on disk properly from setup and the server details show up in the addon settings.

Do you get any errors in the Kodi log when you run through the setup wizard? https://kodi.wiki/view/Log_file/Easy

Will have to try again and check logs. I am running fedora Server btw with no Desktop UI so its not exactly the same setup.