Kodi Categories for Movie and TV

Hi everyone,

I’ve switched over from Emby and one feature that worked was the category features on the top of the main view. It would allow sorting by recently added, genre, year, collections, etc.
Is there a way I can add this back? I see it when clicking movies but really liked having it populate as a row above my in progress movies/tv.

Thank you!

This sounds like it’s a skin specific thing and not something that the addon would control, unless I’m misunderstanding. Do you have a screenshot or an example of what you’re trying to accomplish?

The Categories row (shown in image) doesn’t appear for me by default. I can access the categories by selecting Movies in the column on the left.

Does that help any?

I did a lot more playing around. It appears if i use the library title: “Movies” on the JF server than categories work by default. But if i have different named libraries (ex. UHD Movies, HD Movies, SD Movies, etc.) then the defaults don’t work and there would have to be some customization to enable.
So i guess my new question is, does anyone know how to do that?

… huh. Well that’s about the strangest bug that I think I’ve seen yet. The library name shouldn’t have any effect on what the skin shows there, as all libraries are supposed to get merged inside of Kodi’s database. I’ve replicated that on my local instance, so it’s on my list to look into now. Might be a while before I get time to look into it though.