Libraries won't fully update


So, I’ve only knew Emby wasn’t Open Source anymore and found out about Jellyfin and immediately made the switch.
The problem is my libraries won’t fully update and I can’t see the movies nor the music. I just get a wheel turning and turning…
Funny thing is that in the movies section, under “Suggestions”, I can actually see some of the movies but not in the main section.

Any ideas?

Oh, yeah!
I did the “Update Library” thing, yes. (;


How did you migrate, did you start from scratch by adding your libraries as directories, or did you made a drop-in replacement retaining your Emby database and such?


Let me try to trace my steps (I’m on an Arch based distro, btw):

  1. Install jellyfin;
  2. Enable jellyfin;
  3. Realize Emby is still using port 8096;
  4. Uninstall Emby-server;
  5. Make sure system is not trying to start Emby;
  6. Run and configure jellyfin by addin all the media libraries.

The problem seemd to have fixed “itself”.
There are two versions in AUR, I believe:
The second one seems to work fine.

The problem is that this one doesn’t seem to like plugins as they install OK but after restart they’re not there.


jellyfin-git usually represents the latest stuff we’re working on. Think of it as an “in development, unstable” version.

Plug-ins won’t work with it right now as we made several changes to the internal structure, and they need to be re-built for the newer version (we haven’t figure out our version filtering on installing them yet either).

If the git version works for you, there are some things to note:

  • A release candidate version of 10.3.0 was made available last night
  • This version, if no bugs are present, will become official on Saturday April 6th
  • Please be careful with the version you are currently using, and please make sure, as always, you have backups of anything important
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Currently using Trakt plugin.
Will this work or be available when 10.3.0 is released?


Yes, it will be updated for the full release.

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So… bugs? (;
I’m not complaining or anything it’s just that I don’t see 10.3.0 anywhere.


10.3 has been given more time, as there were some further breaking issues with authentication and some other things. It really represents a very, very big change compared to what we’ve been doing.

Right now our building methods don’t update the version number until right before it goes out. That’s why the jellyfin-git version will also read 10.2.x until well after we’ve gotten the regular release out. For that reason, I recommend running the non-git version as much as possible. It’s the only way you know you’ll have a stable experience.