LiveTV never starts playing (just spinning indicator)

I just started using Jellyfin this week on a NVIDIA Shield Pro (2019). I am running the 0.11.5 version of the AndroidTV app. I connected my HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO and am able to load channels successfully in both my web browser and regular Android app on my phone.

However on my NVIDIA Shield, whenever I try to “tune” to a channel, I just get the spinning indicator in the center of the screen and the video never starts playing. Forgive me if this is a known issue, but I didn’t seem to find it on the issues list on GitHub. Please let me know if you would like to me to provide more details/logs/etc, I’d be happy to help. Thanks!

It’s trying and failing to transcode.
A fix is promised for the next server release.
I’m using Plex until then.

Any reason only the AndroidTV is failing transcoding?

Do the web browser and Android clients not need transcoding for some reason?

Is this the reason why I can play certain movies on Android, but not on Android TV?

The weblient/android app and the Android TV app are completely different codebases so the behavior might be different.

Should I file an issue in the GitHub project for this then? I was just trying to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong before I filed an issue. Thanks.