Local metadata NFOs and images

TL;DR - NFOs as source of artwork doesn’t work. Use local image files instead.

I’m trying to get JF to pick up local artwork for some series. I have favorite season posters/fanart/banners that I don’t want to have to setup (I sometimes setup new test libraries, or when I’ve changed directory structures my previous choices in JF have been wiped away)

I turned on Metadata Savers - NFO and refreshed one of the series that I want to work on. Mostly just to get example NFO files. That worked fine. I turned off Metadata Savers NFO because I do not want NFOs and images all over the place for 90% of my TV series. Just the few where I want to override the popular choices.

NFOs don’t seem to be read into JF (metadata saver NFO is turned off)
I created a season.nfo file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

poster and fanart were not updated when I did a “Replace All Metadata, including images” on that season. There doesn’t seem to be a way to add fanart via the nfo either. At least that data is not written out from JF.

I skimmed thru MediaBrowser.XbmcMetadata Savers, Providers and Parsers. This confirmed to me that NFOs are not read for artwork info. Is that correct?

The artwork XML JF is writing out is different from the format I saw here https://kodi.wiki/view/NFO_files/TV_shows#nfo_Tags

Saving local image files works. I placed season01-poster.jpg, season01-banner.jpg and season01-fanart.jpg in the series root folder and they were picked up immediately, no refresh required.

I’d still prefer that JF would import artwork from NFOs. This would avoid the duplicate files on my system. Or does JF just directly use those files instead of importing them into it’s own cache? My videos (and those new season images) are stored on spinning media, while the JF DB is on SD media.