.m3u channel list management

My question may relate to two separate issues (.m3u list and XMLTV guide data parsing), I am unsure.
I’m wondering if there is a way to maintain the channel order as set by the user in the .m3u file. It seems to me, once the file is read by jellyfin server it is sorted in an internal alpha/numeric order according to the final value (stream name) in the URL. (eg. 30881.ts or station.m3u8).

It would be pretty desirable to me if jellyfin server had an option to just parse the list top to bottom without sorting and would provide guide data in the same order. This could satisfy users who have asked for this and don’t mind massaging their .m3u file to put most watched stations at the top.

In other words, when I click on ‘Live TV’ in the interface, and then in the top menu click on ‘Guide’ or ‘Channels’, I’d prefer the display to reflect the top to bottom order in my .m3u file, not something different. Is there any chance to make this happen?