Make Tracking of Web Client (Browsers) optional


A change was made in Emby a few version back to track browsers as devices. It is useful for some people and I suspect will be especially useful in the future if Jellyfin’s React Native everywhere becomes a reality.

However, for person like me who only use the browser for admin tasks, tracking browser logins results in clutter on the devices page. Previously, it was easy to see each client and the last time they logged on along with the ip address. Now that is more difficult as there are tons of browser instances. Even worse, with the frequent updates to browsers, different editons of the same browser is present in the list.

I am proposing a toggle to enable tracking, or better yet display of browsers on the devices page.

Please share your opinion.


Just so there’s a reply: there are folks among the various teams that agree, though this might take the form of better filters/presentation of devices on the dashboard.


Thanks. Any improvement will be greatly appreciated.