Mibox 3 application crashes after 3 to 6 minutes

Whenever i try to watch anything of friends server application crashes in few minutes.
Crashes back to main screen of jellyfin.

Did you install “Jellyfin for Android TV” or just “Jellyfin”?

Android tv app from android tv store.

Can you provide us some more information:

  • Version of the Jellyfin server
  • Version of the Android TV app
  • Information of the media you’re trying to play
  • Is crash reporting enabled

I deleted after frustration and installed mrmc and login via that.

Let me install it again and have u get the info.

Happened again.

Version 0.11.4
Crash report enabled
Server version unknown
Media is hevc

This time it’s crashed to the screen that it requires my login details again.

I think i managed to fix it by changing player from auto to exoplayer.
Save movie played for 15 mins without issues.
Will test tomorrow again.

Thanks for testing it again, I can confirm that we see more users that are able to fix playback issues by changing to ExoPlayer. I hope this solves the problem for you too.

Yes changing from “auto to exoplayer” fixed application crashing issue.