Movies not being grouped together - Bug

Hi All,

I have been a Jellyfin user for since started but i have an issue i have just move from Docker container to Ubuntu Server 18.04 install and version 10.4 to 10.5 and im having issue with Grouping movies.

i have click the below but it is still displaying the movies individul in the Movies Libraries

is there someithng i’m missing in the new version of jellyfin or is this a bug in the latest version.

Kind Regards

There is a plugin you need to download - it’s in the catalog in the dashboard: TMDB Box Sets.

That will group them together automatically. Otherwise, you have to do them yourself.

Hi @anthonylavado],

I have that Plugin install, please see below

and this is the setting that has been set

In your movie library settings, is TheMovieDB turned on?

yes please see below

Libraries -> Movies