Multiple selections to move in collections

Hi everyone,

I’ve setup Jellyfin today on my home server and it is a really nice tool !

I have created some collections and I wonder if there is a way to select several movies at once and to move them in a collection together.

Thanks for your help,

If you click and hold on any of the movie posters you’ll go into the multi-selection mode. You can then select as many movies as you’d like and then in the top right corner there’s the 3 dots which open a menu which has the option “add to collection”

Hope this helps

Thanks for your answer !

I managed to multi-select files using the android app as you proposed, but I didn’t manage to do that in the jellyfin web app.

You can do it on the Web in a browser as well using the same technique of either pressing down for a few seconds on a touch device or holding down the left click if you’re using a mouse

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