Multiple server IPs in apps

As you get a chance, please incorporate the ability to have more than one server IP that the apps can remember. I have my router set up to forward the port so that I can access my server while I am out, working, trips, etc. I can also access it using the local IP while home, but have to input the one I want to use when I need it. If I could have both 192.168…:8096, and 74…:8096 stored in the app and just choose the one appropriate to my location, that would make things easier. I have tried to find this in the Android app (2.2.0), and Jellyfin MPV for Windows (1.8.0) and Linux (1.8.0). I can’t find any way to have a home and away option. I can just use the away option all the time, even at home, but it slows down and even buffers some when it has to go server-router-web(around the world)-router-device, when it could just go server-router-device


Android app has option to select server. Click hamburger menu option. Look for select server under User. Use local IP for home and DDNS to setup away usage.

That doesn’t really work as needed tho.

When I leave the house and start Jellyfin, it attempts to reconnect to the LAN server. Once it fails, the “Connect to server” screen appears, with the LAN server in the text field. There is no Select Server button.

It would be nice if the app remembered the servers it has connected to, offering a dropdown to select one of those servers.

Also, I have users set to not be able to connect from outside the home, so I have a specific user with limited rights specifically for remote access.


Ah. I see what you mean.
Why not use the Android TV app for local network

and the Android app

for remote.
With appropriate IP address and DDNS URL?
Much the sameness?

This will work on my phone, but not with the MPV on my laptop. Also why use 2 apps when one will do?

This sort of works. But the Android TV app is missing some functionality that the regular app has. One specifically, the TV app lacks the ability to play or shuffle an entire Genre because there’s no 3-button pop-up menu.

And as Philc137 said, why use 2 apps when one should do?


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and it takes LONG for the timeout to happen…