My Media Icons Make Default



LOVING JellyFin - Big Thanks for all the devs to make this happen…

I have made my own custom icons for My Media sections and I would like to make them default for all users…

Is this possible?




Hey there!
I haven’t seen an option for this myself, but maybe there’s a way. If you can find instructions on how to do it in Emby, then it would likely work for our program too.


I’m new to Jellfun (arent we all) - it appears that it is already the default be haviour in JellFin (EXCELLENT)

So far - Loving this #RespectAllJellyFinDevs

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Okay! I see it now.

For anyone else who wants to do this:

  • Go to the Dashboard, then Library
  • Click the “…” button on the library you want to change
  • Choose “Edit Images”
  • You can now replace the Primary Image, which will change the way your library appears
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