Need help installing plugins in wndows

For the life of me, I can’t find a simple walkthrough on how to do this and all the info I see makes it sound like you just need only one file to add to the plugin folder. Whereas it seems like you need more than one.

My problem is this, I am trying to install jellyfin theme songs and kodisyncqueue plugins. I have done the net stuff and got my bin folder with the .dlls.

But which files do I need to copy from that folder and drop into the plugins folder and what would be the name of the folder I make for them within that folder. I gather that for the themes plugin its supposed to be a folder called theme songs or so,but what about kodisync?

any help would be appreciated.

sorted this out btw.

Could you actually share how you actually sorted this? Trying to get the Trakt plugin working at the moment

Depends on what you mean by how I got it working.

My issue was that I couldn’t install plug-ins. And there wasn’t even plugin folder in my ProgramData jellyfin folder in windows.

So I had to either create the folder there or luck out and get a plug-in to actually install which by so doing creates the folder. The latter happened.

Then as for all the other plug-ins, short of manually downloading them and dropping them in that folder, the only way I could install them was by installing the previous version of the plug-in. That’s how I got it sorted so far.