New install: movies don't populate on 2nd Kodi client

Hi all
New to Jellyfin, new in this forum.

I just discovered Jellyfin a few days ago by coincidence and installed it right away.
My first Kodi client works fine, with the 2nd the Movies category from the Kodi main menu does not get populated.
I have created 2 additional, different user ID’s on Jellyfin, 1 for each client.

If I use the browser on another system with the 2nd ID I can browse the library, start a movie, …
In the 2nd client, if I browse through the add-on, I also can see/start the movies.

I removed and reinstalled (after rebooting) the add-on, tried the ID which works on the 1st client, changed the password but all to no avail.

Can anybody please point me to a solution?
Running Jellyfin in a Proxmox LXC
Using v. 0.2.0 by Team B on LibreELEC on RPi4 (latest)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

My first question is why different users for different clients? That kinda defeats the purpose of a shared watch state between your devices.

I’m assuming you’re referencing Jellyfin for Kodi. Have you selected your Movies library to sync on the second device? Did it give any errors?

Hi mcarlton00, thanks for stepping in.
The shared watched state is not that important to me.
I thought using different ID’s for both systems might be better since they will be used simultaneously.

I can’t remember making a selection to sync the library on the 1st and now I’m searching in every corner where that setting might be.

What I didn’t do was adding a source in the file manager whereas with the 1st one I had done this since at first I thought of using it the traditional way, before I discovered Jellyfin.
With the 2nd install, I thought the add-on would automatically be able to use the media from the server; apparently I got that wrong.

I have installed only the JellyCon add-on with the idea that with the use of the add-on I have to just install/configure it and it will automatically use the data/libraries on the server and you always get an up-to-date view on Kodi.

I’m a bit puzzled now… so by using JellyCon:

  • I have to map a folder from a networkshare anyway, right?
  • The Movies section from the Kodi main menu has to be linked to that share anyway, right?
  • Where can I select Add-on vs Native mode? (I’m using as a guide)
  • What is the advantage of using JellyCon?

Ah, now I see the confusion. First: the same user ID can be used in multiple places at once. We have no limitations on that. Whether that changes how you want to set things up I’m not sure, but it shouldn’t be a concern.

So we have 2 different Kodi addons and it seems like there’s some confusion in how they work.

  • Jellyfin for Kodi - Syncs metadata from the Jellyfin server into Kodi’s local database. This sync process can take some time depending on your local device speed and how much media you have, but it allows you to treat it like Kodi’s internal library (like accessing Movies from the home screen). Doing it this way is typically faster during access, but slower during the initial sync and updates.
  • JellyCon - A more dynamic client, it doesn’t modify the local database and is more similar to other clients, where it’s easy to switch servers/users and there isn’t a requirement to spend time syncing metadata. This is also much more like other Kodi addons behave. However, this means Kodi’s builtin libraries show as empty.

The link in the docs you’re referencing is specifically for Jellyfin for Kodi. We don’t have a similar one for JellyCon so far because it typically has less confusing setup options.

So what I suspect has happened:

You’re using JellyCon, but you added a media folder to Kodi on device A. So by playing things directly from the Movies on your home page, you’re likely actually playing the media directly and bypassing the Jellyfin server. You can check this by looking at stuff you’ve watched on the server and seeing if it’s been marked as watched. During playback, you can also check in the admin dashboard for currently playing devices to see if it shows up. If you want to access JellyCon from the home page, you’ll need to use a skin that allows you to change menu options, and then point it to the addon. Some examples of this can be found in

Ok, so for now I will choose to go with ‘Jellyfin for Kodi’ in ‘Add-on Mode’.

In Kodi, I have removed JellyCon and the Media source towards my movies folder.
In the Videos source, there still is ‘Series’ and ‘Videos’ (first is self-explanatory, second is all that is not a movie or series)

On my server, the movies library is OK (scanned and correct when accessed from a browser)
Just did the above steps, had to select the server and provider a login/pw
Something seems not right:

  • the Movies section from the Kodi main menu is empty
  • going through ‘Add-ons’/‘Video add-ons’ in the main screen and opening Jellyfin, I see 'Music Videos (dynamic), 'TV Shows (dynamic) and ‘Movies’. The first 2 seem to reflect the media source that is still configured and ‘Movies’ is empty.

Try to run a ‘Repair library’ from the Jellyfin addon menu and select your Movies library. It should sync metadata from the server into your local Kodi database. If you have a large library this could take some time, just so you’re aware.

I guess you mean through the settings of the add-on on Kodi, right?
Under ‘Advanced’ I see ‘Reset local Kodi database’; is that what you referring to because I cannot find anything else in the Add-on nor the documentation?

Add-ons -> Video Add-ons -> Jellyfin -> Manage libraries -> Repair libraries. Hightlight your movies library and select OK. This will do a full fresh sync.

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THANK YOU! :ok_hand: