New JF user: best way to correct wrong metadata & fixate corrected?

Could use some advice on organizing my library; have searched the docs & forum but didn’t find an answer. Sorry if I overlooked it.

All my files are like this:

‘imdb title’ (‘imdb original title’ (‘imdb year’))

Most items are scanned correctly but some not and I wonder which field in the metadata is used when scanned.
Of course I could correct them manually but that’s quite a task if it can be avoided.

Another question: is locking an item THE (only) way to prevent changes afterwards?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hey Nick. I am fairly new to Jellyfin myself and have been on the rather unnecessarily steep learning curve.
I can tell you what I have found in my setup, I have for movies… IMDB Id, then TheMovieDb Movie Id and also TheMovieDb Box Set Id.

Now I have found that when I edit my metadata IMDB seems to be the dominant one as it is listed first. (This can be changed around in the setup somewhere. Cant remember where sorry.)
I have a lot of movies and sadly quite a few have be added wrong so heaps of metadata editing is needed. I have had to lock one or two to keep the correct info but most stay as I set them.

Depending on how you like your movie lists, you might find the sort title box useful. I don’t use the original title box.

Hope that helps.

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Hi MuZila, thanks for your reply!

This is also my first step into this kind of software whereas I did have encounters with articles about predecessors. That’s where I learned about Jellyfin and thought of giving it a try.

So you also edit them manually?
Without locking: has the metadata changed by itself, I mean by scheduled scans?

I did search the forum and documentation but both seem to be lacking information, that’s why I thought of posting this question so maybe someone else might benefit from it too.


Yup I am in the process of editing my movies atm. Taking a bit of time getting all the metadata right. Most of the time once I have the IMDB and TMDB ID tags sorted they done usually change. I have had to lock a couple. But that could be the naming convention I use. Some are not as per normal. I havent even started on the Collections yet. :sunglasses: