New TV show not being identified

I have been using nextpvr to record over the air TV. Recording new People Magazine TV show. Jellyfin can’t correctly identify this show.

I tried forcing an Identify but show seems to not be listed at TVDB.

Any hints.???

You could try to turn on the movie databases for your TV library and search with imdb or openmoviedb.

They list series quite often too :+1:

Look for the IMDb identifier in the url for the series. Then paste that in the metadata field for IMDb key. That has helped me

Not seeing it imdb.
I do see it listed at zap2it. ( )

Still having trouble with being misidentified.

That is not IMDB.

Try searching for it on IMDB -

So, it will end up being tt5594440

Thats the wrong series. I dont think its listed at imdb.

The zap2it listing is the new People magazine tv show.

I don’t see it listed on any database sites that jellyfin uses. IMDB, TVDB. Looks like you may have to add it to TVDB or IMDB yourself.

PEOPLE (the TV Show!)

When you do an identify there is a option for zap2it.

Guess I’m not missing something here???