Newbie questions please and thank you in advance

The latest version just installed on my Synology NAS today via Docker. Having some trouble with configurations.

  • I don’t want to use the default port so I entered another port other than 9086 default but it’s not allowing me to connect via custom port
  • how do I setup remote access. are there step by step instructions on how to do that

perhaps it is a docker problem: docker container configuration must contain a port mapping from external ports to internal (docker internal) ports. So any port changes you make within Jellyfin or during installation must be reflected in the docker port mapping (in docker configuration file).
Hope this helps

Hey bud, could you please share the docker code you used? It´d make it easier for us.

Remember, jellyfin’s default port aint 9086, its 8096. Hope it was a typo.

When you map a port with docker, you do -p x:y

x = port you want to use
y = port the developer set (in this case 8096, it’s always gonna be that)

Whenever you set this up and running, we can look into remote accessing your server

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Thank you, resolved now :slight_smile:

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