No artist recognition

Only 2 out of my 356 albums have their artists recognized in the artists section.
All music have metadata set and recognized by most music players (100% of the ones I’ve tried but I can’t be sure of ALL music players).

Any tips for me?
It’s really hard(er) to find music this way.


This definitely sounds like a bug.

What file type do you use for your music files and how do you tag them?

They’re m4a’s and I can’t really tell you how I tag them since I don’t really know but:

  1. Jellyfin used to recognize them all (including ;
  2. Emby used to recognize them all;
  3. All other software I use recognize them.
    That’s why I thing this is really strange and I believe it’s Jellyfin’s fault.

What metadata providers do you have enabled for the Music library?

Everything is default.
Jellyfin can detect the albums. That’s what’s strange.

Hrm… not really sure then. It’s possible this wasn’t working right under 10.3.6 with an HTTP change that had unintended side effects. We’ve since released 10.3.7. Try in that version?

I’ve actually skipped 10.3.6 from x.5 to x.7 and it’s all the same.

I’ve got a suggestion, if you’re willing to try it.

  1. Remove the Music Library from Jellyfin
  2. Go to the metadata directory (may differ based on your install, see dashboard for the path)
  3. Go to artists in this directory, and delete all the folders in here (should just be musicians)
  4. Add the music library again, try scanning

It may also be worth grabbing some logs while this happens, and posting them to a place like

I’m pretty I’ve already done that… but I’ll give it a go just to make sure.

So, I’ve done it and nothing changed.
About logs: is it normal that a small one builds up to 11MB?
------- EDIT -------
Forgot to mention: movies and TV Shows work just fine!

Same Problem here,

I tried the official Jellyfin and the Git Version.
All other Mediaserver get the Artist Information (Tested with Emby, Plexmediaserver, Kodi, Gerbera and Minidlna)
Most of the Mediafiles have MP3 ID Tags. MP3 Files are sorted (Mediadirectory) - artist - Album - *.mp3

Any Tips welcome

Sorry for the delay in replying.

@joaojotta If there are connection errors, which may very well be happening here, then I could see the logs growing to be that big. As for the files no longer being recognized, I really don’t know what to say… There hasn’t been anything to touch that code as far as I know. But yeah, I would think we need some of the logs in order to help figure it out at this point.

@bofh We’d also like to get logs when trying to add/scan the music library.