Path to media not found

Doing the initial setup on Desktop running Linux Mint 19.3. The attached USB drive is marked shareable and visible from other clients on the home network. Jellyfin doesn’t see it and reports the following:
“The path could not be found. Please ensure the path is valid and try again.”

Is there any solution?

How does it appear in the operating system, under /mnt or only under /dev?

How did you add the path to Jellyfin? If Jellyfin’s web interface saw the path during the initial set-up of a library, it should still be able to see it when performing a media scan.

The only thing I can think if is that you manually mounted the path during set-up but have auto-mount set up to a different path (or different permissions), so after a re-boot Jellyfin can’t find it. If this is indeed the case, simply delete the library (not the files!) from within Jellyfin, then create the library again and use Jellyfin’s picker to choose the path to the files.

The mount point for me USB Drive is at /media/guy the drives label is movies so the full path to the drive is /media/guy/movies.

The drive is listed in fstab.

Jellyfin does not see the drive during the initial setup. I tried adding the path manually and using the path picker, neither works. Adding the path manually return the errors. Using the path picker blanks out the path entry as soon as I click on “guy”, in other words the path picker allows me to choose /media and when I scroll to /media/guy the path statement gets erased.

It’s likely a permissions issue but I don’t know how to rectify it.
This is a statement displayed:
For Linux on Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, or Ubuntu, you must grant the service user at least read access to your storage locations. My Distro is Linux Mint based off of Ubuntu.

What or who is the “servicec user” ?

Do this from a terminal window as a regular user (not root);
ls -l /media/guy
… and see what output you get.

The output should have something like drwxrwx--- to the left of “movies” - if it doesn’t, it means that there’s no permission to the path.

To set the right access permissions on the folder, use;
sudo chmod 770 /media/guy/movies

If you don’t even see the “movies” folder in the result of the ls, set the folder permissions for the drive as well (and then set the permissions for the “movies” folder as detailed above);
sudo chmod 770 /media/guy

Here’s the output: drwxrwxrwx 1 guy guy 430080 May 2 00:13 movies

According to that, you have more than enough permissions set on the path to allow Jellyfin to access it (including the last “rwx” which allows any account full access).

The problem may be inside Jellyfin itself then, but I don’t know enough about it to suggest where to look - hopefully @anthonylavado or someone else with more knowledge of Jellyfin can step in.

The folder may have access permissions, but what about the files? I don’t think it’s inherited automatically.

All of the files within the drive have the correct permissions to allow access to read and write. This is a home network.
-rwxrwxrwx 1 guy guy 847122555 Nov 13 2018 ‘Retribution (2016).mp4’
drwxrwxrwx 1 guy guy 20480 Feb 29 23:17 Review

But it not really a question about file permissions, the path isn’t accessible. “/media/guy/movies” cannot be seen by the media app.

I’m beginning to think it’s just a misconception of the user interface.

When you use the path picker, you traverse /media -> /media/guy -> /media/guy/movies and then suddenly the picker box changes to “…” with nothing else, correct?

When this happens, simply click on the blue “OK” button, and the path will be added to your library.

I’ve just tried adding a dummy library to my system and I can see that yes, as soon as you hit the deepest directory in the path, the path entry disappears - that’s because there are no more directories to drill down into.

Try the above and let me know what happens.

No, using path picker I cannot even get to /media/guy. First I select ‘/’ then ‘media’ as soon as I click ‘guy’ path picker blanks out. So to be clear I cannot select the path /media/guy/movies using the path picker, I cannot even build the path to /media/guy.

However I can manually enter the full path, not using the path picker. But, when I do is when I get the message that the path isn’t found.

What happens if you simply click “OK” after the path blanks out? Jellyfin will collect files from subdirectories of the selected path, so should be able to find your movies in there anyway.

Clicking OK after the path gets blanked out results in a small textbox to be displayed immediately beneath the path picker input field with this text “Please fill out this field”. The text displayed is the same when I hover my cursor over the empty input field.

No content is found, no library is displayed for /media/guy/movies


Sorry, that’s about as far as I can go with suggestions… What I’d do if I was in your position would be to do a complete re-install - both OS and Jellyfin - and hope for a better outcome.

I appreciate your effort & I especially like your tag line “Firm believer in involuntary euthanasia for politicians.”

Finally got it to work. I removed the current fstab entry (/media/guy/movies), created a new mount point within my Home folder /home/guy/mymovies and Jellyfin was able to see the drive and load the files.

So apparently Jellyfin doesn’t like storage outside of the Linux users Home folder.

That’s super weird as my two libraries are mounted at /mnt/cresendo/Video/TV Shows and /mnt/sonitus/Video/Movies. My Debian install sees them just fine…

Well if you are the curious type, add a USB drive to your PC and mount it to the media folder as I did and see how your installation of Jellyfin reacts. Based on the outcome it might suggest something unique to me or common to Jellyfin when using a USB drive mounted n that manner.

In any event I appreciate your help in trying to figure this out for me.

Sorry, it was like 3:30 am when I wrote that. That’s exactly what I meant to say. They’re not at /mnt/, they’re at /media/ and they work just fine.

Sorry if I’m grave-digging but seeing as this issue doesn’t seem to be solved, I just want to add that I’m having more or less the same issue. I’m trying to get Jellyfin to access a folder located under /dev/sdb5 (internal NTFS drive). I’ve checked the permissions and everything looks fine. I have exactly the same issues as OP with being able to manually enter the path but then being told the path isn’t found. Strange thing is Kodi, which I’m migrating from, seems to find the media.

ls -l /dev/sdb5


brwxrwxrwx+ 1 root disk 8, 21 19 jul 20.02 /dev/sdb5

I assume you’re running in Linux?

To be honest, I’ve never tried writing the path in manually, I’ve always just browsed to it.

What happens if you try switching to the Jellyfin user:
sudo -u jellyfin -H -s
And then try accessing the folder?