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Few days ago i switched from Emby on JellyFin - just curiosity.

Few words about my enviroment:

  • JellyFin is hosted on virtual machine (the same as emby),
  • Its XCP-NG hypervisor, OS for Virtual Machine is Debian 9
  • Virtual machine has allocated: 2 core of CPU (some intel i3 CPU), 3 GB of RAM, ethernet connection is gigabit (the same as emby - nothing change)
  • Movies are in mp4 format, video codec: h264, audio: AAC - to play video without transcoding because of weak CPU.

Summarizing, resources assigned to server are only to handle webUI - nothing fancy.

I noticed that JellyFin works a litlle bit slower than emby - in normal use cases
For example:

  • login page, my login and password have been saved, but to see main dashboard i have to wait about 8 seconds every time when i access main dashboard. On main dashboard are only latest movies and folder with movies and TV shows so there is no a lot of data to load.
  • in admin dashboard - i have to wait few seconds to load all data in “Paths” window.

When i access movies collection it works very fast, also when i pick some movie - its very responsive, i got immediately description etc, also player is launching very fast. But main dashboard is laggy. Its a little bit annoying because i use it on few devices and every time i have to wait.
Is there any way to tweak it? Some option in configuration or something? 3GB of RAM and 2 cores of CPU are a lot more than its needed to handled request from one webbrowser, this VM has also dedicated HDD so this is not a performance issue related to hardware or my gigabit LAN network etc.
Console in my webbrowser show something related to connectionmanager.js but i dont know if this will be helpful (screen from console was uploaded).

Small feature request:
#1: Is it possible to add some priviliges (access list or something similar) to allow users use specified plugins? To use opensubtitles plugin i have to grant “Allow this user to manage the server” its a little bit to much… and i can not do this for all users.

#2: Option “Edit this user’s profile, image and personal preferences” in admin dashboard is great but options related to Subtitles are not persistent (are overrided when user logged in from own browser), so i have to tell each user what to do to get subtitles on bottom of the screen, every time when he switch webbrowser (issue related to bug in CSS in Chrome).

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Hi @Bekon! :wave:

Thank you for posting. I don’t think we’ve seen much reported on this yet. Are you able to create an issue on our Web GitHub repo?

I would create one for the slow dashboard load, and one for the path list delay. We’ll likely need a lot excerpt from around the time you are accessing these sections.

Regarding feature requests, those are good to have on our main repo :slight_smile:


Thanks for reply.

Issues reported:


Shoud i report also feature requests?

Best regards

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