PIN access and other security options

Hey all. Long time Plex user here dipping my toes into Jellyfin…

(Plex is still my main media driver for watching content, but they are having an issue right now streaming to Google Devices and thus I was looking for other solutions.
I briefly tried Emby as well, and although it is definitely more polished than Jellyfin, I was having some issues with the casting too which it seems I am not with Jellyfin. So, for the meantime I am going to be running Jellyfin side-by-side with Plex and who knows - maybe I will make the full switch as features improve!)

I am trying to figure out how the security PIN is supposed to work. I was trying to make it so that I didn’t need to login on my LAN, but it doesn’t seem to function that way. Before I mess around too much with it I wanted to have a description as to how it is currently supposed to behave.

I am also looking for a way for users on my local network to not have to use any name/password (or at least password), preferably bypassing login altogether locally. Ofc, I still want remote users to have to login to the server with their account.

I’m sure I’ll have a bunch more questions, hopefully the community is responsive!


I think we were looking at this but it was a bit tricky. Let me get back to you.

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