Platform Request List/Tracking

This post is to keep track of what’s available and what’s been requested. As people start working on different distributions, we can create a corresponding project on GitHub to track bringing it in to our release automation.

The links are either to where you can get the resource, or to the request.

:white_check_mark: - Currently provided/available
:o: - Not available, looking for help/maintainers

Current Platform List

Requested Platforms

I’d also love too see a Deb package for arm and aarch64 architecture. I don’t know, how much of an effort that is, but I’m willing to test builds if needed.

If I may just ask, what do you mean by “to avoid noise for a moment”?

Maybe also try and allow for freebsd and freenas support in the future. If emby port exists on freebsd, you just have to modify a few things like name and download url in the make file and rc.d startup file to get it working.

Our Chat and GitHub issues are very busy/active, and I wouldn’t want this to get lost. We do need to groom our issue list one of these days, but that’s another topic.

That’s not completely true, I think that so far .net core on FreeBSD is experimental, and Emby might be running via Mono there (support for which we dropped in favour of having more concise codebase with less quirks for supporting different versions of runtime).

They are making good progress on .net core on freebsd. Now they have daily builds for freebsd.
You can also do dotnet publish -r freebsd-x64 on windows or linux to make self contained freebsd app.


Any updates on a freenas/truenas plugin? would be great to be able to install jellyfin to my server and run from there… Thanks