Playing a song from the album shuffles the album tracks


When I go to my music library->Artists->select an artist (any artist)-> select an album‐>select a track, a different song from that same album plays.

This problem only happens in the Android client not in the web interface.

What happens when I select a track is that JF creates a psuedo shuffled playlist out of all of the tracks in that album only and plays the song in the shuffled album playlist at the index which is the same as the track number. So if I select track 6, the 6th song in the shuffled playlist plays but since the tracks are shuffled it’s not the actual track that I selected.

This happens with every album, not specific ones.

I think that this only started with 10.3

I’m using the Windows 64 bit build.

I first noticed it on 10.3.1. I upgraded to 10.3.2 todqy and the problem is still there.


Sorry for the delay in responding. I try to get around the forums every other day, but I must have missed this. If I recall, there is a fix in the master branch. We haven’t generated a new release yet, but as soon as we get some bugs worked out, we’ll do that.