Playing Music Just Stops on Android Phone and

I am using 10.6.0 on a W10 server, the latest android app and an android (8.10) phone on a decent 4G signal.

When playing (flac) music files, playing will suddenly stop. It can often be re-activated by just turning the screen on. Quite often the screen will be dead (i.e. pressing pause/play will do nothing) after activating the screen. You can however back arrow and the interface is useable.

I thought it might be the sleep setting after 2 mins. I have turned off battery saving for all apps and set sleep to 30mins. So far I am not clearly noticing consistent effects.

Any ideas?

I know that the Android app is still in need of work for anything other than video playback. You might want to try Gelli, it’s made by an official contributor specifically for music. It’s on the client list:

Many thanks, I’ve done this and it works a treat.

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